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PLUS+1® Developers Conference: Courses


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Language Integration in GUIDE

This course shows the participants how other programming languages like Structured Text, Ladder Logic and C-Code can be integrated into GUIDE. It will also demonstrate the benefits of this GUIDE feature and the Danfoss open strategy for GUIDE. This practical oriented session will also include application examples. Learn More

Testing and Debugging

Review of test tool and debugging functionalities within the PLUS+1® GUIDE environment. Step-by-step instructions on how to use them, with some simple test case examples to go over in class, and review of a more complex success story.  Learn More

Danfoss Connectivity & Analytics

The course provides participants knowledge about Danfoss Telematics Solutions, Connectivity and basic Analytics. Learn More

Basic Display Programming

Introduction to the PLUS+1® GUIDE Vector-Based Screen Editor (VBSE), with a review of basic design components in the screen editor.  Learn More

PLUS+1® GUIDE CAN Libraries

This course will cover the fundamentals of CAN messaging and how to send and receive messages in a PLUS+1® GUIDE application. An overview of the J1939 and CANopen libraries and their uses will also be covered. Learn More

PLUS+1® GUIDE Libraries

The course will provide participants with an overview of the latest library updates along with their features and functions. The course will also give an introduction to the Work Function Control (WFC) Library and the recently released Propel Application Library (PAL).  Learn More

Advanced PLUS+1® GUIDE

The main goal of the course is to provide the participants with knowledge on how to maximize code reliability and implementation efficiency. The course will provide knowledge about useful functions in PLUS+1® GUIDE.  Learn More

Advanced Display Programming

The main goal of the course is to increase the participants' knowledge of certain new features that exist inside PLUS+1® GUIDE and its display screen editor. The goal is to increase both the code quality and the implementation efficiency. The course will present and explain how to use Widgets and how to work with the new Layout Management Tools. This course will give some examples of how to structure code in a display application. It will also explain the basics of how to utilize the Search functionality in regards to Vector Based Screen Editor assets. Learn More

Advanced PLUS+1® Service Tool

The course provides participants with knowledge of Service Tool application development and how that interacts with the development of the PLUS+1® GUIDE application. In addition, it covers the opportunities to configure the Service Tool application to different needs. This could be used to support several machine types, to handle different languages and to support different user roles. Learn More

Advanced CAN 

The course provides participants with an overview of several high level protocols with a deeper look into the details of J1939. It will also cover the motivation for the PLUS+1® CAN Safety protocol and how to integrate it into existing networks. This practical oriented session will also include application examples and troubleshooting techniques.  Learn more

Best Practice - Software Development

The course provides training on software development best practices, such as version control and differencing code, code review practices, development process, development guidelines, search and replace, Architecture Documents, and Tracebility.  Learn more

PLUS+1® Security 

This course teaches the participant which security threats to be aware of and which counter measures to take.  Learn more

Safety Programming

This course will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of Functional Safety standards and how to make use of the Safety Controller (SC). Participants will learn the benefits with our Safety Controllers (SC). This training will also give a little insight in the Functional Safety Standards.   Learn more


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